La nouvelle Collection Degres, produits d'erable Brien



A line of products derived from tradition and innovation. Celebrated sweets, born of the freeze and thaw cycles characteristic of the Québec climate. When the last cool nights of winter and first sunny afternoons of spring come together to create treats as good as gold.

The new collection Degres from Brien


Brien Maple Sweets have joined forces with Québec's unique temperatures to bring you the new Degrés° product line.
A wide range of all-natural, high-quality products that are the culmination of time-honoured recipes, skilled craftsmanship and state-of-the-art equipment. Treat your taste buds!

Collection Degres - ligne 66 Degre Brix- Sirop d'erable Brien


A popular homegrown product, Brien maple syrup is made using rigorous, time-honoured methods. The maple sap flows up from the roots and beneath the bark so that our meticulous maple producers can, at a temperature of 66°Brix, turn it into the golden elixir that has earned its reputation. Discover this natural staple of Québec cuisine, available in an array of formats and sizes!

Autumn maple syrup, amber rich taste, 240 mL - 50 mL Léone, dark robust taste, 250 mL Dorica, golden delicate taste, 150 mL


Collection Degres- ligne 84 Degres Brix-Fondant d'erable Brien


84°Brix is the temperature at which we make our soft maple candies, treats that are both a feast for the eyes and taste buds! Maple sugar-coated almonds are said to have been a predilection of King Louis XIV of France. Taste one and you'll understand why this exquisite confection is fit for any king or queen! Discover a Brien product that's both crunchy and melt-in-your-mouth delicious!

Rochelle Fondante, Soft maple candies, 100% pure, 16 x 7 g - 5 x 7 g


Collection Degres- ligne 112 Degres celsius- Beurre d'erable Brien


Introducing Brien maple butter and maple cream, a treat worthy of the praise they have garnered around the world.
Confections that are rich, creamy and utterly scrumptious, with a texture and taste that is sure to impress the finest connoisseurs. 112°Celsius is required to obtain this level of refinement, to be enjoyed as a spread or straight from a spoon. Treat yourself to a crème-de-la-crème product that's finger-licking good! Maple butter, 100% pure, 45 g-180 g-330 g

two stars for brien

Maple butter, 100% pure, 45 g - 180 g - 330 g.
*New: Maple butter in squeeze tube 230 g and La Coulée de la Rochelle
maple taffy 180 g


Collection Degres- ligne 255 Degres Fahrenheit - Sucre d'erable Brien


Everyone wants to get their hands on Brien maple sugar, especially because of its advantages over traditional sweeteners. 225°Farenheit is the temperature required to produce this well-kept secret among chefs. It's that much sought-after je-ne-sais-quoi that can elevate even your best recipes. Crunchy to the taste, it makes a real difference in the kitchen, as in coffee. A treat that will tantalize any sweet tooth!

Maple sugar, in a bag, jar or shaker, 25 g - 65g - 125 g - 350 g


Collection Degres - ligne 4 Degres Celsius- Marinade a l'erable et gelee a l'erable Brien


Brien will surprise you with its 4°Celsius refrigerated line of fan favourites. There are 1,001 ways to serve these key ingredients that will add flavour to any food or dish. The finishing touch that proves that maple can be added to anything, anytime! Add that final touch that will turn your easiest recipes into divine delicacies.

Maple marinade, 350 mL Mustard and maple marinade, 350 mL Maple jelly, 30 mL - 130 mL


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